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It’s hard to take care of yourself.

Check-ups, appointments, medication. It can all feel overwhelming.

We know you shouldn’t be drowning in all that. At DTAP, we believe that living our best life requires knowledge. At work, at play and at home. That means being your guide to simplifying the clutter, the swirling miasma called life.

Inclusive and diverse, our team believes in offering surety in care, delivering high-quality consultations and trusted solutions in a safe, comfortable environment.

We know, it can be hard to take care of yourself.
We’ll do it with you.

DTAP – Diving into healthcare with you.

Those old adages about beauty only being skin deep? Those aren’t true.

From the get go, we know that looking good comes from within, just like we know that everyone’s path to beauty is different.

Since 2017, S Aesthetics Clinic (SAC) has been on the forefront of aesthetic services and products, with a focus on being your everyday aesthetic partner. Our team of professional doctors and therapists believe in progressive treatment, eschewing once-off treatments that only address the symptoms.

Wellness is holistic, so it makes sense that great treatments happen in safe, comfortable environments. Our premises are specifically designed to put you at ease, with privacy, comfort and convenience as our top priorities.

With progressive treatments, highly-trained professionals, and a great setting, SAC is ready to be your Everyday Aesthetic Ally.


201 Henderson Road,
#07-11/12 @ Henderson
Singapore 159545

Telephone: +65 6926 1678

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